Fall Safety Update Email

From: John Pagano
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2016 2:35 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Schuylkill Navy Fall News and Safety Update

Hello Crescent,

I hope everyone has had a nice summer. In preparation for the fall rowing season, the Schuylkill Navy hosted it’s Fall Safety Meeting last weekend. Below are some important safety updates and news. I also attached the PowerPoint and the latest rules of the river PDF that were presented during the meeting.

Coaches, please share this information with your rowers.

  1. Rules of the River Reminders
    1. ALL rowers and Coaches should be familiar with the Schuylkill Navy Rules of the River. These are attached, and we ask that EVERY program review these in full detail with all coaches and rowers as we begin the fall season.
    2.  Known Trouble Spots:
      1. Given the growth of weeds this summer, there is increased risk of both upriver traffic and downriver traffic moving towards the middle of the river.
      2. It is CRITICALLY important that boats and coaches’ launches remain especially cautious of upriver traffic moving too far out towards Lanes 6 and 5 from the top of Peter’s Island to the start. Likewise, downriver traffic should avoid use of Lane 6 entirely (and do its best to avoid Lane 5 as well).
    3. Reminder: Stops and Turning
      1. There is absolutely no stopping or turning 100m below or above any bridge (with the exception of turning just below Twin Bridges to return).
      2. Slow boats move to port. Overtaking boats move to starboard. This includes stopping. If you stop (including coaches stopping to speak to boats, etc), you should be off to the port side.
    4. Movement through proper bridge arches includes coaches’ launches.
      1. It is critically important that boats do NOT move through the wrong arches at each of the bridges. This includes all coaches’ launches. If you are unsure what arches to use, review the Rules of the River and speak to your Captains and Head Coaches.
    5. No fast stroking from below the Viking Statue through Boathouse Row. The Sedgley Lighthouse is NOT the Viking. Boats must slow down to a light paddle at the Viking Statue, not below it
  2. Duckweed and Milfoil Growth Cleanup
    1. As many of you know, the weed growth and low flow have caused serious safety issues on the river. Since May, 3 to 4 times a week, crews go out on the barge to clear trouble spots on the river. We encourage all members and rowers to participate in these efforts. We have gotten help from the Henley winning High Performance crews, the girls of The Mount, and dragon boaters. Please consider taking a shift. Signups can be found: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0549aea62aa7f94-pippins and the latest news can be found on www.boathouserow.org
  3. Schuylkill Navy Incident Report Application
    1. Rowers and coaches should familiarize themselves with the Schuylkill Navy River Incident Report application and website. You are obligated to submit a report in the event of a collision or witness of safety violations. You can access the incident report here: http://schuylkillnavy.yourappscompany.com/pages/incidentReport.php.
  4. Dredging
    1. Based on a study of the river depths this summer by Army Corp of Engineers, the estimated cost has shifted from $3m to $4.8m. The funds necessary for the work are federal in nature (not local or city monies), and our efforts around stewardship, youth development, public engagement, high performance rowing, and regatta management remain the key focal points to influence the needed support. The River Restoration Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Monday at 6 pm, all are welcomed
    1. Part of the Sept 24th “Open Streets Philadelphia” event, all members of the Boathouse Row community are invited to join stakeholders in a “street fair” event by the Fish Ladder (West River Drive, facing Boathouse Row)


John Pagano
Secretary, Crescent Boat Club


LINK TO Schuylkil Navy 2016 RULES