Back on The Water

From: Troy Madden
Sent: Sunday, August 9, 2020 6:38 PM

Subject: Back on the water  

Good Evening,    

Attached is the Upriver Rowing Plan for the current phase we are in.  As we are allowed larger boats or go in a backward direction, things will get updated.  I would personally like to thank Ivan, Paul Howshall, Kris Perry and Dan P for getting the boats up there.  They just happened to move the dragging pipe the day before, so we passed the boats down and they rowed them up from Crescent.  The current boats we have up river are the Roger Ross 183-220, Pope Francis 154-183, the Traits 185 and one Gig.  

There will be a sign up similar to the ergs, but for the time being send me the day and time and I will post a daily schedule.  I would like to also bring up the Pearl in the near future.  The boats are on the Prendie trailer in front of Temple’s boathouse.  Just be aware that there are a multitude of docks around the three angels area, so stay much farther off the wall around there.  In addition to the procedures that are attached to this, you may want to bring a small tool kit with you as we have nothing up river.  It has truly been a great group effort around here these past few weeks.  

I know these times are not ideal, but as we do get back on the water, if there is anything that we need to update or change basically rowing at an away venue daily, let me know.

Lastly, I did get some responses about members rowing, if anyone else thinks that they might want to get back on the water let me know (specify boat size so we can determine what phase you might be jumping in).  Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.     

-Troy Madden

For this plan to work and ultimately get multi-person boats back on the water, sanitation must be our highest priority.

  1. All rowers must self-monitor their health and if any doubts arise stay home and seek medical attention and immediately report this to the club.
  2. Upon arrival, all members need to sanitize their hands, or wash them with soap and water for 20 seconds if possible.
  3. All members need to bring their own hand sanitizer as a backup.
  4. Basic Procedures
    • Upon arriving, all members must be wearing a mask. This will be worn up until you shove your boat. (You may want to bring a plastic bag to put it in while you row so it doesn’t get wet.).
    • Upon returning to the dock, your mask must be put back on until the point you enter your car.
    • Towels, water and bleach spray bottles will be provided.
    • A bag will be provided for dirty towels.
    • Equipment must be cleaned before and after workout. Before workout, spray the seat and oar handles with bleach solution. Leave on for one minute then wipe off.
    • When returning, the outside of the boat will be wiped down with a wet towel, the gunwhales, seat and oar handles will be wiped down with bleach solution
  1. Always wear clean socks in the boat (no bare feet). Same thing goes for uniform/ workout clothes.
  2. Reserve Rowing time:
  3. Every member needs to be extra diligent to ensure the health all safety of everyone.