Membership in Crescent Boat Club

Member of Crescent Boat Club will be over 21 years of age, sponsored by two members of the club, committed to the purposes of the Crescent Boat Club, and current with all due to the club.

Student Member– are be men or women, under 21 years of age (23, if still attending school, and not employed full-time), sponsored by Crescent supported school, or sponsored by two members of Crescent Boat Club.

Family, Social Members  – are non-rowing members of the club, sponsored by two members of the club, or are parents of student members of the club.

Emeritus members -are men and women who had been members of the Crescent for two years – emeritus members are welcome at club parties, are welcome to row, as a guest with a club member, are welcome to participate for club at Schuylkill Navy Thanksgiving Run, and are eligible for reinstatement as members of the Crescent.

Dues –  Participation in the activities of the club, loyalty towards and support of club and its members, good sportsmanship and conduct, and $450.00/annum (reduced dollar dues for student, family and social memberships).